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Ferris Hospital specializes in both physical and in cognitive rehabilitation.

The professional team of doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists assesses, develops and conducts ongoing and individualized monitoring of the previously established objectives to be reached by patients in accordance with their situation and pathology.

The general rehabilitation services offered by Hospital Ferrís include:



The outpatient treatments offered by Hospital Ferrís include:

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation service
Medical service
Dental service (Dentist)
Nursing service
Clinical analyses


Post-operative rehabilitation

Specializing in the treatment and postoperative recovery of certain injuries, such as broken hips.
The Ferris Hospital Rehabilitation Department has a specific rehabilitation program which, following the admission of a patient, establishes the objectives to be achieved with the subsequent exercise plan.
Cryotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage massage, passive and active mobilizations, isometrics and counter-resistance exercises, balance work and walking with walkers are some of the techniques used in the treatment of various injuries.

Stroke rehabilitation

Once the patient has been assessed after admission, Ferrís Hospital’s rehabilitation staff sets the appropriate objectives and the corresponding exercises and treatment for reaching the same.
Patients usually arrive in wheelchairs or stretchers, and as such it is important to assess how much they are capable of doing for themselves. To do so, the patients’ active and passive movements are observed whilst they are on the stretcher, seeking out the groups of strong and weak muscles in the affected area.
From this point, intense rehabilitation is started in order to get regain lost functionality:

Isometric exercises
Counter-resistance exercises for all strong muscle groups
Counter-resistance exercises for all weak muscle groups
Counter-resistance exercises for hand muscles
Counter-resistance gait work using a walker
Balance and proprioception exercises in parallel bars to help the patient recognize their movements
Work on healthy posture while walking

Ulcer treatment

Based on monitoring and continuous care provided by an expert team and a methodology consisting of:

Correct identification and description of the condition of each ulcer through Pressure
Assessment of the risk of developing ulcers through Pressure
Reduction and elimination of risk factors
Registration and elimination of risk factors
Registration and formalization of all nursing-related activities
Standardization of all nursing measures and activities aimed at prevention and treatment of ulcers through Pressure

Palliative care

Set in beautiful, calm, unbeatable surroundings, and with the aim of providing the best care to patients suffering from terminal illnesses, the Ferrís Hospital has an expert multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist and physiotherapist to treat every detail of our patients’ care within a professional and friendly atmosphere.


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