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Specialized in the care of elderly people


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Specialized care of elderly people with different degrees os physical or psychic dependence




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Day Care Centre

We offer care to the elderly in need of daily assistance to help improve their well-being and quality of life



Specialized centre in the care of elderly people with different degrees of physical or psychic dependence.

It is member of LARES CV (the Spanish Federation of Nursing Homes and Services for the Elderly-Solidarity Sector) and adheres to the regional govermment's programme in the financing of stays at residences for the elderly.


Our team

Specialized care with the human touch
We are an interdisciplinary team: doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, clinical technicians, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a social organizer, a social worker, a psychiatrist... Our experience and continuous training guarantee maximum professional quality care and the kind and caring attention everyone deserves.
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CONTACT PERSON: Raquel Blay · rblay@fontilles.org

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